Herts Aid’s New Support Groups

The Herts Aid HIV support team have planned 17 new events over the next 6 months.

They include evening groups:-

  • A Newly Diagnosed Group
  • Gay & Bisexual Men’s Group

In addition from 27th September every Wednesday evening from 5pm till 8pm a Support Direct telephone call service will be available, to speak to the support team call 01923 803440

All these services are open to service users of Herts Aid and anyone else living with HIV in Hertfordshire.

Also for service users of Herts Aid new activity days are planned which feature, brisk country park walks, eating well on a budget & cookery session, craft events, mental health & mindfulness sessions and online interactive health tools learning and a living well with HIV support group.

Do not hesitate to contact the support team on 01920 484784 or 01923 803440