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Getting Tested

The sooner you’re diagnosed with HIV, the sooner you can start treatment which will keep you well and can stop you passing on the virus.

There are now many quick and convenient ways to test. You can live with HIV for a long time without feeling any symptoms.

The only way to be sure about your status is to have a HIV test.

“I was really impressed. I received lots of new information about HIV I wasn’t aware of and how people who are positive and on medication can not transmit the infection.”

Get Tested at Herts Aid

Instant Result

in 10 minutes or less

Free condoms

and information to take away with instant sign posting, if appropriate.

No Waiting Rooms

or clinic

Free Face to Face Support

and sexual health advice, which is non-judgemental and confidential.

Testing Options

See below, for the wide range of testing options, available at Herts Aid.
For the best results, do not have unprotected sex for 3 months.

Rapid HIV Test

A rapid HIV test at a Herts Aid venue includes free condoms & lube, as well as the chance to discuss your sexual health and receive up to date information.

get tested


Get results from Biosure rapid HIV finger prick test within 10 minutes.

Get Tested Insti


With our Insti rapid HIV test, the test only takes one minute.

Book a Rapid HIV Test

Available at our Ware Office by appointment.

Book a Test Now

Alternatively, to discuss the testing options, in confidence:

Contact Us

“I felt safe and comfortable and didn’t feel judged, I liked the fact there wasn’t a waiting room.

The service was really fast.”

National Home Testing Kit

Free, self-sampling HIV test kits are available in many areas of the country.

“The home testing kit was quick.

I was also really surprised at how easy it was to use.”

Check availability in your area.

National Home Testing Kit

Free Condoms

Condoms are the only contraception method that protects against sexually transmitted infections as well as pregnancy.

Herts Aid provides a free postal or collection condom service for Hertfordshire residents from our Ware office.

Orders are limited to one order per month per person.

Order Condoms

Very professional, informative, 10/10!

SM, Ware

Very informative & friendly staff

Herts Uni Oval

Very friendly, put at ease, quick & very informative


Relaxing atmosphere, brilliant service

JK, Watford

Friendly, non-judgmental, thorough

EB, Watford

Learnt new info about HIV & PrEP, it was perfect

FC, Herts Uni

Lots of info. Helpful. Learnt lots about HIV

Charter YMCA

Staff were reassuring and friendly.


Friendly, informative, quick access to test

AF, Watford

Free condoms, lots of info I never knew

Denis, Hemel

Staff were patient to explain everything

Herts Uni, CL

Quick, lots of info, friendly atmosphere

J, UH Oval