Client story: Anita

Victim of domestic violence

A Herts Aid client, known here as Anita, was referred to Herts Aid by a statutory agency following a severe domestic violence incident against her and one of the children.

This necessitated Anita being moved into an out of county refuge and then being moved days later into a Hertfordshire refuge.

Anita was finding it tremendously difficult to cope with the trauma, three young children and all four now living in one room in a refuge. As a result of the violence and stress, she suffered secondary health issues which she is still coping with today.

Anita had no money, no home, no support network and was in a strange area and her health was poor. She also was the sole carer for three young children. Anita has felt isolated, let down and struggled to cope with day to day living and could not see her future getting any brighter.

Herts Aid support team provided help

The Support Team have helped Anita by liaising with external agencies on her behalf, assisting with paperwork, provision of transport to appointments, assessments and hearings. This has helped to alleviate some of the pressure and burden on Anita allowing her to have confidence that there was someone there to help.

The Support Team were also able to enlist their onsite CAB Outreach Adviser to work with Anita with help on sorting out benefits, financial problems and housing applications.

Payment of finances and repayment plans have all helped Anita regain financial independence and control. The support team have also managed to secure extra funds for the family through grants and eased the financial burden by accessing food bank services with the client.

Major improvemnets for Anita

After a considerable time in the refuge and with Herts Aid’s support, Anita has now been offered a 3 bedroom house by the local housing association. We continue to help the client by looking at ways to provide essential resources for Service User A to move into her new home, feeling safe and supported.

Anita has regained her confidence which has allowed her to start building a support group for herself and her children. Anita has started attending the local church and is now feeling so much more confident that she is keen to study and support herself and her children who are now settled into nearby schools.