Client Story: Shaun

36 year old gay man living in Borehamwood.
Diagnosed: 2008

Herts Aid client, Shaun, said “I was shocked when I was diagnosed, but I didn’t think my life was over because of it.

HIV does not impose on my life at all. I take four tablets every morning and that’s it. There’s nothing to be scared of. People are often scared by HIV because they lack knowledge and remember when being diagnosed with the disease was a death sentence. With modern medicine that’s not the case anymore.

My treatment works well and keeps me healthy. I’ve had even had cancer (unrelated to my HIV) but the medicine still kept my HIV in check, even when I was on chemotherapy.

Herts Aid services have been really useful, from the social side of meeting others with HIV to help with citizens’ advice bureau issues. If you’ve recently been diagnosed and you live in Hertfordshire, get in touch with them. They offer fantastic support.”