Internet Safety

Protecting Children Online: Top Tips for Parents

Herts Aid is working with schools across Hertfordshire to promote the safe use of the Internet and raise awareness of the dangers that can be posed by people online.

As a parent there are a few key things you can do to help keep your child or teenager safe.

Secure your devices by adding parental controls
Not just on computers – think about phones and games consoles too. Parental controls can be altered as your child or teenager gets older. Also check that they are using your connection and not a neighbour’s wi-fi. Using someone else’s connection could mean your parental controls aren’t applied.

Ask them about their internet use
Find out what kind of sites they visit, whether they can be contacted via the site and who they are chatting to online. If they have problems, or are worried about something they have seen online, reassure them they can come to you.

Find out about their privacy settings
Only their friends should be able to see what they post. Remind them about the dangers of befriending someone online that they aren’t friends with in real life.

Explain people aren’t always who they say they are
Your child should know that they should not meet up with someone they only know online. If they do want to do this, they should take you or another trusted adult with them.

Tell them not to share personal details over the internet
Your child should know not to publish their mobile phone number, address, school or other personal information online.

You can’t control images once they are sent
Alert your child to the risks of sharing any pictures with anyone that they wouldn’t be happy to share with you. Make sure they know this includes any boyfriends/ girlfriends they might have. Pictures are easily shared and some young people are even blackmailed with them.

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