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Do you believe you may have been at risk of HIV? Have you had unprotected sex within the last six months? We are pleased to be able to supply Hertfordshire residents with a free HIV home testing kit on completion of this order form.

We also recommend testing for anyone who has not previously tested for HIV and has had unprotected sex.

The test is simple to use with just a drop of blood from your finger tip. It takes 15 minutes to complete and gives you immediate results.

You must live in Hertfordshire and aged 16 years or older. The information you provide us is confidential. The information is not shared with anyone and is protected by the Data Protection Act (2016).

We will check the legitimacy of all new orders with a phone call before a test is dispatched. Please do not misuse this service, as it costs the time and resources of our charity.

The Test

The test we are using is an antibody test. It is looking for HIV antibodies in your blood. These can take up to 12 weeks from the time of exposure to be present.

Therefore, for an accurate result on this test, we recommend you wait until 12 weeks has passed from the time you think you may have been exposed to HIV.

We also recommend testing for anyone who has not previously tested for HIV and who has had unprotected sex. The test takes 15 minutes to run and we will give you a result there and then.

The test is quick with easy to follow instructions, it requires just a prick of a finger and a tiny drop of blood.


Herts Aid will call you 10 days after the dispatch of your test to discuss your result.

In the event of a reactive result Herts Aid is here to support you. We have been providing HIV support services across Hertfordshire for the past 25 years and our team will be able to ensure you are not alone and have someone to talk to answer your questions or to assist you.

We will also make a clinical appointment with Sexual Health Hertfordshire for you so they are able to do a confirmatory test and ensure you receive the ongoing monitoring and treatment you will need.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the test, HIV or any other sexual health support, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01920 484784

If you require a full sexual health screening please contact Sexual Health Hertfordshire 0300 008 5522

HIV Home Testing Kit Order Form

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